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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Life in the Day.....

I found this web site to be an interesting read although I am sure that there are many.

Another short but profound book which does more than it states in its title. A book of misery imposed by men, but for what purpose? The detailed description of the minutae of camp life, whereby so much time and thought was put into mere survival on the one side, and the prevention of escapes on the other, while trying to survive the intense cold, gave a vivid picture, although I don't think I could really imagine how they survived in those temperatures with very little heating without permanently suffering frost bite. In fact, I can't really imagine being that cold! I wonder what the summers are like in Kazakhstan? I suspect quite the extreme, bringing another set of problems.

Shukov's actions are geared to his own survival, if he offers to help, he also hopes to gain, usually extra food. He is also ready to take the best broth in the evening, doing down his comrades. In fact, it seems that all the jobs in the camp are carried out by fellow prisoners, but there seems to be few who are above gaining advantage over their 'comrades'. One cares that he will be released at the end of his ten years and three days and it is a relief to get to the end and not find that his sentence has been extended.

I find it hard to understand that even today, some Russians think Stalin was a good leader. Are they still unaware of what went on?