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Sunday, May 16, 2010

And when did you last see your father?

I read this a while ago now so have had to go back and review. I agree I liked the style. But it also brought me up short to go on the journey with Blake into all the things that he disliked about his dad (I didn't like him either Val), but still the desperate sense of loss he suffered. Both my parents are still alive, very elderly, and their 'inconsistencies' (amongst other things) drive me nuts, so it was a timely reminder - 'don't underestimate filial grief'. I shall try to encourage them to tell me all their stories again.

I suppose the thing it made me consider is what is it that makes us love our parents, despite all the sins they have (in our minds anyway) committed against us? If you don't actually like their views, attitudes, behavour - all the things you seek out and expect to like in a friend. Do other people find it easy? Is it true you can love someone without liking them (I have always thought that was a suspicious phrase). And, will our children love us despite all the things we got wrong? Mmm.