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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recent reading

From Sue (originally via email):

I have now read Not so quiet and am half way through The Help.

Have also read The Road by McCarthy which was brilliant ‘post apocalypse’ stuff I thought, and The Outcast by Sadie Jones which was also excellent – get inside the mind of emotionally neglected kid who goes off the rails ; Small wars by same author also meant to be good. I have also read Anil’s Ghost by Oondatje about Sri Lankan anthropologist who goes home and her involvement in the war there; he writes so lyrically and on a topic I did not know so much about, but chimes with Brixton Beach which was also about Sri Lanka and the war.

I have been on a lot of trains and planes, hence the wizz through!

I quite like reading a lot about one place all together because then I remember it better. On Russia I have read Child 44 and Kolyma – not literary masterpieces but very good at building a picture about what it was like to live under and then post Stalin. I guess they form a historical path up to the Snowman which is modern Russia. However, that’s just the way I do it! You, My Joy is also a film about the mindless violence of current Russia – saw it at the BFI festival last year. Grim.

Anyone see Night Watch on the tele last week?