Together in Spirit

An online reading group ('TIS a reading group!) to bring together friends, and friends of friends, who aren't able to be in a conventional reading group due to constraints of time or geography.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Off piste reading

Thanks, Val, for the Pat Barker recommendation, "Border Crossing". I've just read it, and found it superbly written and gripping. She really is very good. My only reservation is that somehow it wasn't quite as satisfying (to use Valerie's very useful criteria!) as I felt it could have been. I don't know if this is because Barker's view of things is quite bleak, so she deliberately keeps a sense of purpose/satisfaction/explanation from the reader, or what. What do you think, Val? It also - and you'll probably disagree with me here! - reminded me of Salley Vickers' "The Other side of you". I think Barker's is slightly better, but I found Vickers' more complete somehow. Any thoughts on that subject welcome...