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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Emily, I have been thinking about my response to your wish for a discussion regarding the merits of the book over the TV adaptation or vice versa. I find that the dramatisation, which I saw quite recently, is very much more clear in my mind than the book, which I read a long time ago.

This is partly due to memory, but also the very good performances from the likes of Helen McCrory and the visual impact of the production. Had it annoyed me, conflicting with the memories of the book, I think that would be my memory, which it is not. I do remember feeling that the book is very long but that is not a criticism as I read it when not under the pressure that a book group engenders. In fact, I like becoming immersed in the lives of the characters when the writing is of the standard of Tolstoy. Obviously, the adaptation left parts and characters out, but at the moment I would be hard pressed to know what they are. I do know that I thought both were a very substantial experience.