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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Extra Large Medium

Well, in the end I enjoyed this book as a light entertaining read. I certainly took a while to care about what is rather a lot of nonsense, but it was written in a very accessible and chirpy manner and the chocolate brown dressed people were cleverly included in the narrative as characters but retained their dimension. I found that I was eager to find out how everything resolved,but the ending left me a little bemused. Why did Arthur seek out Annie? What really happened to Evan? I assume he is still alive in Northumberland or were we meant to believe he died? It seems he was only legally dead, if I did not miss the point.

The title is rather misleading, as the overwhelmingly main character, the medium Annie was not the E.L.M. so that just seems rather a lack of imagination and a pity; or have I missed another point?

Its often said that no-one really knows their nearest and dearest, they only think they do. That certainly was the case here.