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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lots of Words and Not a Lot to Say

I read every word of this with utmost difficulty. What is the literary equivalent of verbal diarrhoea? We were subjected to the skittering thoughts of someone with a grasshopper mind, who was quite unable to organise them and continually went off on a tangent e.g. the shipping forecast, flitting from one to another, sometimes contradicting and often repeating herself. If she chattered in the same way, I wonder poor Michael ever got a word in. For all the language at her disposal, she still felt the need to print that of others, which were probably the best part of the book.

Her ideas of gardening I originally concurred with, but I could not go along with all the extra items, often painted in garish colours and felt that there was more of a junk yard feel than a growing space by the end. There were also a large number of plants that were on her hit list that I felt out of keeping with her original assertions of no rules.

I don't think that this is the book for you, Emily, if you are planning your garden. I did agree that the best way is to visit other gardens and see which ones you like. Gardens evolve anyway and you learn by making mistakes. If you can check out the soil, aspect and shade, you have a sporting chance of success.

I felt I had spent a day with someone who did not cease talking about herself....please save me... and in the end believe that this a vehicle for just that.