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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I don't have anything very original to add to the other comments and my reading was probably spoilt a bit by seeing the film first. Certainly well written, but I found the interest for me was in considering how people adapt/cope with such a terrifying condition. We are indeed all locked in to different degrees but to be forced to live constnatly just inside your own head, to find the resources, memories - 'the rich inner life' we all hope we have in order to put up with the sheer boredom. And to be able to take pleasure in things when you must be overwhelmed by anger, frustration, irritation - a lesson to us all when we sit next to the person on the mobile phone or with their music turned up too loud! I heard a programme recently where they had found they could detect brain activity in people in comas. If they told them to imagine playing tennis (which produces the best brain activity to measure apparently), and then they did, a certain bit of the brain lit up. You could see this being made into a way of communicating - imagine playing tennis for 'yes' and imagine eating pizza for 'no'! Sue