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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Sea House

This was a gently enjoyable book, lightly written and evocative of the place. A book for a certain mood, I think. I liked the drip feed of the story, but the drips were rather too small at times and became a little irritating. As a light romantic read I think this was quite successful, helped by my recent visit to the area, which added to its interest, as did the havoc of the tidal surges of 1953 and other historical events which were incorporated into the story.

We were left with Grae going back for another attempt to live with his wife, which doesn't bode well for the children and Nick, against the odds, indicating a change of heart. Can he really change his attitude? Sadly, I think Lily will soon find her waitressing won't be good enough for Nick and if they stay together, her inferiority complex will return while she struggles to be something she isn't. Neither Elsa nor Max had a happy ending, nor Bob. Hopefully Gertrude found fulfillment helping with the twins.