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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not so quiet

I found it really eye-opening and moving and would certainly never have tried it without the recommendation, so am extra grateful. I had absolutely no idea that things could be like that for the volunteers. My favourite scene is the new rapprochement between Roy and Nellie, where their shared experience of the horror allies them amidst their determindly non-understanding families. While I agree that the language is not the book's strongest point, I find it at the minimum perfectly servicable, and in the best scenes like that, faultless. Simple and unpretentious goes a long way when taking care to describe things honestly rather than patriotically!

I don't remember the structure of "All quiet" well enough to be distracted by it, and it seems a fitting companion piece. Thank goodness the author refused the dishonouring brief she was offered and wrote this brilliantly angry and persuasive book instead!