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Thursday, September 08, 2005

How I Live Now

Thanks Val - I'd been wondering what it reminded me of, and it was indeed very Famous 5. Enjoyable, particularly the opening chapters, and there were some nice insights into the teenage mindset, but I did find my attention wandering a bit when Daisy and Piper were helping the army out and then meandering round the countryside. Seemed a tad unlikely that the soldiers would be so impressed with a couple of kids. But then I'm probably being a bit harsh. This is a teenage book after all, so the central characters have to be young and very definitely the heros of the tale.
I do wish the character of Edmond had been developed more deeply, and believe Rosoff missed a trick by not showing more of Osbert. I think there would have been some good ground in seeing why he seemed to pretty much abandon his family as soon as the army turned up, and how that made him (and them) feel. (And if he was that keen why wait for them to come knocking on the door before joining up?)
Overall then, I'd have to agree with Val - a good teenagers' book, and a good stepping stone from Blyton, but not really meaty enough for me personally.