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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tractors again

Fascinating that Val managed to get so much from this book. I agreed with Kirsty that the plot was a bit thin but I did find the book amusing as she created such vivid comic pictures; slap-stick in style almost. I also liked the repeated use of caricature, for both people and objects (e.g. the "civilised person's hoover"), for comic effect. I realise from reading Val's comments that I should have paid more attention to the sections on Tractors but I'm afraid I found this too dull reading and confess to have skipped most of them.

In terms of treatment of the elderly it was intersting to compare this to the, much more bleak, Have The Men Had Enough by Margaret Forster (thanks Emily for the recommendation). A brilliant piece of writing confronting some upsetting but relevant issues on care of the elderly. Definately one to read but not if one is engaged in caring for a relative oneself - far too close to the bone I'd say.