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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Valerie's post on A Short History of Tractors


I rather enjoyed this book, with its snappy style and sense of humour. It probably helps that I am of the age group of the sisters, with an elderly parent and an older sister. The writing was easy to read and not exceptional, but I found it easy to enter into the story and had a very visual idea of what was going on.

The author seems to have written a lot about the needs of the elderly, (if the library list I found is indeed the same author) and has probably seen all forms of family dynamics when the care of the elderly relatives has to be discussed. Nothing is more likely to bring up old problems, particularly when money is involved. I thought the gradual unveiling of the family history was well handled and found the tractor episodes interesting.

I agree with Kirsty's comments on the thin plot which went on and more layers would have been welcomed. A quick, light read.

(Written by Valerie, but posted by Emily)