Together in Spirit

An online reading group ('TIS a reading group!) to bring together friends, and friends of friends, who aren't able to be in a conventional reading group due to constraints of time or geography.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A breath from elsewhere

Hi... Sorry you all hated this. I understood what you meant - I think the criticisms were valid - but it nevertheless managed to help me switch into enjoying and planning my garden, and seems fused in my mind with lying (all too briefly!) in my hammock in the summer looking at the garden as I read. So I've clearly been too generous to the book. But isn't that often the way - our circumstances can make such a difference to our response to a text/film/person, and things can get arbitrarily and indelibly associated?

Anyway, delighted that everyone loved Bennett and had such a range of happy responses. Will be interested in your answers to Sue and Pella's questions!

The next choice is the Marie Strachan (The earth hums) as posted by Val.