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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The little stranger

These aren't really my thing, and reading this reminded me why! Not to criticise it as such, but the genre really isn't me. Reminded me of "The turn of the screw" and with a similar ending ambiguity. I want too much certainty (and happy endings) for ghost stories, really. Well written, and all that, but it's not going to convert me to the author or the genre, I'm afraid. That said, was very keen to know what happened, and thought she constructed the "ghost" very cleverly. I'd wondered what the ending meant, and then read Waters' comments (thanks, Val) about it (I think in the Guardian with John Mullan), and found that made sense. I wouldn't have had the confidence to come to the solution she hinted at, but since she implies it herself, I can relax into it. Well, sign up to a very bleak and destructive answer... Plot spoiler coming up: she seemed to me to be saying that it was Dr Faraday's neuroses etc which birthed the ghost and caused all the terrible trauma. Have I understood that right? Is that what you thought?