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Monday, June 05, 2006

Catching you up - Kevin and Unremarkable Things

You haven't left me much to say about either book, and I agree with the consensus!

I enjoyed Kevin, so thanks whoever chose it for I’d never have picked it for myself. I thought it would be harrowing but it wasn’t at all – and maybe that is a fault? But who says mothers have to love their children, or vice versa? What was most moving for me, and which I don’t think anyone has mentioned, was at the end when K is scared about the adult prison, and also when he was ill at 10. Both these parts seem to imply that he was really just a little boy lost and that someone should have rescueda him. It seems it had to be Eva, and I guess we’re to think she will. Is this what you call a merciful ending, Emily?

I took advice and gave Things up midway through. I really don’t think it matters what we read before it – it was just a poor book. Let’s hope it isn’t made into a film.

(Written by Val, but posted by Emily due to technical issues)