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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Too many words

I agree with all that has been said. I'm afraid I got bored with 'White'. I thought she was possibly trying to be Virginia Wolf in a sort of stream-of-consciousness-sort-of-way but lacked the sublety and instead just ended up losing me in too many words.

There were all sorts of exciting possibilities. The environment of the Antartica was fascinating and so much more could have been done with the symbolism it afforded (parallels with Mars were interesting). Equally the ghosts were a wonderful device and reminded me a bit of a Greek chorus in their prompts and were about the only thing that gave the book any pace.

I agree with Val that it would have been best as a short story. There were lots of characters that made a walk-on appearances and could have been explored in a great deal more depth, in both Peter and Edmee's past and their companions at the base. What I wanted to know was what was going on with Edmee's marriage that she had to escape to the Antartica? How did hubby react to the killing and help her deal with it or not? Was getting pregnant via a stranger her solution to this?

Overall, too many words and not enough plot.

P.S. Emily, might it be possible for the next choice of book NOT to have a protagonist dealing with a terrible killing that lurks in the background?!