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Sunday, November 26, 2006

a month in the country and history of everything

Hello everyone. I really enjoyed A month in the country and agree with much of what has already been said - wonderful language and a book that somehow stays with you. I was really moved by the ending - the sense of having to move on when one doesn't want to, and that he was never to return (guess I'm just a hopeless softie). Can't say I enjoyed the film though. The lack of plot (here we go) isn't an issue in the book - it's essentially a short story about one man's memories of a lost time, but for me that just didn't translate well into film. Firth and Brannagh were both excellent - and I'm not a particular fan of either - but I found it incredibly dull.

I've fallen horribly behind again and haven't really scratched the surface of the Bryson. But what I have read has been excellent. Astronomy is not my subject at all - if the average person started on about light years and galaxies I'd be all on not to glaze over - but Bryson brings it to life and actually makes a very entertaining read out of it. It should probably be on the science National Curriculum. I look forward to (eventually) reading the rest.