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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Alice Munro

Well, I set off thinking I won't like this because I am not a great one for short stories. Like Emily I struggled to find linkages. There certainly were some, but others were too difficult to guess at (The Albanian Virgin - where did Charlotte and Gjurdhi turn up from?). Perhaps if I were to read it again.. but that seems unlikely as I did not like it enough. Maybe getting caught up on that stopped me appreciating each story, as I was distracted when I spotted one and started looking back to see how it fitted. I would have liked some dates so you knew which period the story was in. I thought she wrote well in terms of prose style, I did actually like some of the stories and insights but as a book it left me feeling curiously unsatisfied. Did anyone understand the Tolpuddle Martyrs bit or did she just lose the plot and finish the story any old way? I wanted someone to come and explain!

I am to blame for Wolf Hall as I really loved it and am so into the history of the time now I can't stop reading Philippa Gregory. Oh well. Hope others like it too.