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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yes Emily, a disappointment. I thought I was really going to enjoy it for the first 40 pages – the location, the role of the ghosts (cleverly conceived), the details (seasickness injections; etc) even the style. But it and I ran out of steam. I think she has a good short story here, but the ideas are not developed enough for even a novella. We get no more on the promising ghosts than we had at the beginning and the style becomes tedious after a while. Interesting that in the somewhat gratuitous sex scene the writing changes and becomes quite standard – looks to me like a passage the publisher introduced. I’ve no idea what happened to Clara, which is asymmetrical given the backstory on Imelda Higgins. Certainly won’t bother with anymore of hers. What’s next?

(Written by Val but posted by Emily, due to technical issues.)